Crackin' Out, The Ronnie Tessler Collection

(2021, 16 min, Canada)

An exhibition and short film produced for the Jewish Museum & Archives of BC. 


Please see the full exhibition here:


Crackin’ Out: The Ronnie Tessler Collection is a short documentary that expands on the legacy of Ronnie Tessler’s rodeo photography by exploring a multitude of perspectives on rodeo. One photograph does not illustrate one idea. By speaking with eight different people, my aim was to bring their collection of voices together to elucidate an ever-shifting narrative of an image. This film offers a brief glance at some of the distinct and disparate angles that create a multifaceted and at times conflicted understanding of Western Canadian Rodeo.

It should be noted that much like Tessler’s inherent presence in capturing these photographs, my subjectivity in curating them is unavoidable. I am an unreliable witness who, six months ago, had never set foot at a rodeo, so my bias as an outsider is present throughout.